Specialised Machining

Custom machining services

Trunnions, yokes, riding rings, gears, rings, large and precision machined assemblies

Titanus Slew Rings (TSR) specializes in the manufacturing of large, geared products, specialised machining and finishing of large, fabricated components and drives, including companion parts such as yokes and trunnion ends.

We have the largest 5-Axis facility in the Southern hemisphere with three DMG Mori stations: the DMF 360 11 Linear, DMU 210 P, and DMU Mori 340 P. 5-Axis simultaneous control enables machining of large, complex parts such as helical gear sets, turbine, impeller and fan assemblies and production of complex moulds and dies.

We regularly process equipment manufactured for stacker reclaimers, slewing drives, luffing arm pivots, and bucket wheel drives, as well as drives for trommels, mills, and kilns, debarking drums, and sector gears. In addition to CNC milling stations for shaping, milling, and drilling of large flat products up to 3.2 m in diameter, we have vertical turning lathes with both CNC and traditional control. CNC control allows for shaped finishes profiles and internal bore turning of bores and drums with limited operator access.

DMG DMU 340/P2

DMG DMU 340/P2 equipped with a Ø 2.7m C-Axis table allowing the precise machining of components to max diameter 3400 mm x max length 2000 mm x max weight 16 ton

DMG DMF 360/11 Linear

DMG DMF 360/11 Linear equipped with both a 1100mm C-Axis table & Ø 400mm A-Axis allowing the precise machining of components to max diameter of 1100 mm x max length 3600 mm x max weight 4 ton. 

DMG DMU 210/P2

DMG DMU 210/P2 equipped with a Ø 1,700mm C-Axis table allowing the precise machining of components to max diameter 2100mm x max length 1250mm x max weight 8 ton.


max Ø6.5m x max weight 50 ton

  • Trunnion ends
  • Mill yokes & spiders
  • Riding rings
  • Drive racks
  • Girth gears & sprockets
  • Sheave wheels
  • Tube sheets
  • Component assemblies